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We pride ourselves on staying at the vanguard of consumer law. We take interesting and novel cases that occasionally get noticed by the media.  We are also deeply committed to serving our local community and the world which we all share.  Please take some time to peruse some of our press mentions, our current noteworthy cases and some of the other things in which we are involved.  If you'd like to learn more and stay in touch with what we're doing, please e-mail us, follow us on Twitter or like us on Facebook.  

June, 2017 - Law360 reported on DiSabato & Bouckenooghe's win at oral argument in our Enterprise Rent-A-Car "Phantom Toll Booth" class action.  The Court denied Enterprise's motion to dismiss in its entirety, leaving the road wide open for Plaintiff to pursue his Consumer Fraud Act claims, among others.  Read the full article below.
New Jersey Suit Against Enterprise Toll Charges Advances

May, 2017 - ABC Action News did a great piece on our Payless class action, featuring a nice comment from D&B partner, Lisa Bouckenooghe.  Watch the story here.
Payless Car Rental Gets "F" Rating

May, 2017 - Nightline featured our Payless Car Rental class action story, running a more in depth version of the GMA story.  We're happy to see this important case get so much exposure.  Watch the segment below.
Payless Car Rental Class Action Leads To BBB National Warning

May, 2017 - ABC's Good Morning America featured a piece on our Payless Car Rental class action this morning.  The story highlights the allegations that we've raised in our complaint about unwanted add-ons and hidden fees, as well as the recent actions taken by the Better Business Bureau to curb Payless's practices.  We had a great time filming the piece and our co-counsel at Nagel Rice did a fantastic job on camera. Watch the full piece below.
May, 2017 - Our lobbying efforts on Capitol Hill in support of the CFPB's important work was noted by CBS News.  We were proud to be one of three teams from New Jersey to join an array of prominent consumer group to lobby against two bills that threaten to undermine the CFPB.  Click below to read about the issues.
Watchdog Groups Decry Attack On Consumer Protections

May, 2017 - DiSabato & Bouckenooghe joins dozens of other consumer advocate organizations in Washington DC for Consumer Lobby Day 2017 to fight for the interests of working men and women across the Country.  Organized by the Consumer Federation of America, we'll be joining our friends from NACA, NCLC, U.S. PIRG and Public Citizen on Capitol Hill to lobby in support of critical legislative issues facing consumers today.  

April, 2017 - The Consumerist ran a nice piece on our Uber drivers case against "pirate" taxicab companies operating in the Atlantic City area.  Big changes in the New Jersey market now that ride sharing services have finally been sanctioned by the Legislature.  Read the article below.
Uber Drivers Accuse Cabs of Poaching Their Customers

April, 2017 - Great article in the Press of Atlantic City on our Uber drivers case where we've brought civil RICO claims against several taxi companies on behalf of a group of over 200 Uber drivers operating in and around Atlantic City.  The Complaint alleges that "pirate" taxicabs are fraudulently using the Uber platform to unlawfully gain an unfair competitive advantage over our clients.  Click below to read more about what promises to be an interesting and contentious case.
South Jersey Uber Drivers Suing Atlantic City Cabs For Posing As Rideshare Drivers

December, 2016 - The New Jersey Law Journal featured DiSabato & Bouckenooghe's representation of the New Jersey FedEx drivers in their objection to a $25 Million class settlement.  The drivers argue, among other things, that their NJCFA claim was grossly undervalued in the settlement.  See the full article below to learn more about this interesting case.
New Jersey Objectors Pan $25M FedEx Ground Settlement

November, 2016 - Law360 ran a great piece on our Enterprise Rent-A-Car class action, quoting partner Lisa Bouckenooghe about the toll collection practices at issue in the case.  Click below to check out the article.
Enterprise Hit With Suit Over Fake Driver Toll Charges

November, 2016 - Our class action against Enterprise Rent-A-Car was picked up by Top Class Actions.  The case alleges that Enterprise charges drivers for tolls that the drivers may have already paid themselves.  See below for the write-up.
Enterprise-Rent-A-Car Class Action Says Drivers Double-Billed For Tolls

October, 2016 - DiSabato & Bouckenooghe's class action against Payless Car Rental was picked up by the New York Times, this time focusing on the dead-end frustration of using Payless' customer service to challenge charges and add-ons. See the article below.
Here's The Thing About Payless' Help Desk - It Doesn't Help

October, 2016 - Another great piece about our Payless Car Rental class action ran in AutoSlash.  They note that Payless leads the pack in customer complaints, particularly those about "optional" products and add-ons, which are at the heart of our class action.  Click below for this great read.
Why You Might Pay More (Much More) With Payless Car Rental

September, 2016 - Our class action against Payless Car Rental hit the news this week.  The case alleges that Payless unlawfully charges renters for fuel, insurance and other up-sells that were expressly declined by the consumer.  Check out the article below.
Payless Car Rental Class Action Says Customers Charged For Add-Ons

August, 2016 - DiSabato & Bouckenooghe's FACTA class action against consumer appliance giant P.C. Richard & Sons, was featured in Law360.  We allege that the company failed to properly truncate expiration dates on customers' credit card receipts in violation of Federal and New Jersey law.  Click below for the full article.
PC Richard Hit With New Jersey Class Action Over Card Receipts

April, 2016 - Top Class Actions picked up our timeshare case against FantaSea Resorts, in which we challenge the practice of requiring purchasers to execute a deed-in-lieu of foreclosure contemporaneously with the closing of the sale of an interest. Click the link below to read the write-up.
Fantasea Class Action Says Timeshare Offers Are Fraudulent

March, 2016 - Our class action against FantaSea Resorts over unfair timeshare foreclosure practices hit the news.  The case involves FantaSea's allegedly improper use of deeds-in-lieu of foreclosure to deprive owners of their rights.  This case is poised to turn the timeshare industry upside down as we expose a widespread, but allegedly illegal, practice.  Read the full article below.
NJ Residents Allege Fraudulent Timeshare Practices at FantaSeas Resorts

January, 2016 - DiSabato & Bouckenooghe's Florida co-counsel featured in the New York Times discussing high-pressure sales tactics and regulation of the timeshare industry.  Click below for the article.
The Timeshare Hard Sell Comes Roaring Back

October, 2015 - DiSabato & Bouckenooghe's class action against Whole Foods for alleged failure to disclose prices was featured in Top Class Actions.  Read the full article below.

May, 2014 - DiSabato & Bouckenooghe's FACTA expiration date class action was picked up by Yahoo!  Click below to read about the case and the settlement.  
Bottle King Expiration Date Class Action Gets Approved

March, 2014 - DiSabato & Bouckenooghe's class action against Bottle King was featured in the Star Ledger.  The case involves Bottle King's practice of printing credit and debit card receipts that contain the card's expiration date.  This was an interesting case to litigate as we became the first law firm in the State to advance claims under New Jersey's corollary to the Federal FACTA statute.  Click below to read the article.
Class Action Settlement After Store Prints Credit Card's Expiration Date

January, 2014 - The New York Times ran a great little piece on Mendham Borough, where DiSabato & Bouckenooghe is located. Our office is right in the center of what the Times aptly calls "An Outpost of New England."  Click below to read the article and find out more about our little home town.  
New York Times - An Outpost of New England 

September, 2013 - Mendham Borough, the town where DiSabato & Bouckenooghe hangs its shingle, had the honor of being selected by New Jersey Monthly as the Top Town in the magazine's 2013 "Best Places to Live in New Jersey" annual survey.  Read the article below if you're interested in learning more about our great town.
August, 2013 - DiSabato & Bouckenooghe's article on the New Jersey Supreme Court's decision in Shelton v. Restaurant.com ran in the August 19, 2013 issue of the New Jersey Law Journal.  This was an important consumer protection opinion for our State.  It provides a favorable interpretation of the Truth-in-Consumer Contract, Warranty and Notice Act, one of our strongest consumer statutes.  Click below to read the full article and learn more about how TCCWNA works.
The Scope of the Truth-in-Consumer Contract, Warranty and Notice Act

April, 2013 - DiSabato & Bouckenooghe's article on deceptive practices in the food industry appeared in the April issue of the Bernards-Ridge Connections magazine.  Click below to learn more about "food fraud" and what to look out for at the supermarket.
Waiter!  There's A Genetically Modified Fly in my Soup!?!?!

February, 2013 - DiSabato & Bouckenooghe's article on New Jersey's health club and gym regulations ran in the February issue of the Bernards-Ridge Connections magazine.  Click below to learn about the ins and outs of your health club contract.
Don't Leave Your Wallet at the Gym

January, 2013 - DiSabato & Bouckenooghe proudly launched the Consumer Class Action Blog this month.  The Blog is devoted to all the latest news on consumer class actions across the Country. The Blog will be updated with valuable information on interesting consumer cases, new investigations and noteworthy settlements. Check it out and help us get it off the ground!
Consumer Class Action Blog

December, 2012 - DiSabato & Bouckenooghe teamed up with New Jersey Lawyers Against Hunger for its annual Holiday Food Drive. Every little bit counts - especially this time of year.  Click below to find out how to lend a hand. 
Lawyers Against Hunger New Jersey (lahnj.org)

November, 2012 - DiSabato & Bouckenooghe's article on the recent changes in New Jersey's retail gift card laws appeared in the November issue of the Bernards-Ridge Connections magazine. Click below to learn the new pros and cons of gift cards.  
The Gift that May Not Keep on Giving

October, 2012 - DiSabato & Bouckenooghe’s annual tailgate party at the Far Hills Steeplechase (a/k/a “The Hunt”) was featured in the October issue of Martha Stewart Living magazine.  Always willing to throw a great party for an even greater cause! Click below to check out the article, and be sure to see all the photos of our spread that ran with it.
Martha Stewart Living - Tailgating Goes Upscale

September, 2012 – DiSabato & Bouckenooghe’s article on the hidden dangers of fine print ran in the September issue of the Bernards-Ridge Connections magazine.  Click below to read the article and learn what to watch out for. 
Six Big Reasons to Read the Small Print

August, 2012 – DiSabato & Bouckenooghe’s Verizon Wireless cell phone cramming case was mentioned in the August issue of Consumer Reports. Click below to read the article and to learn more about hidden fees on your cell phone bill.
Beware of Bogus Phone-Bill Fees

August, 2012 - DiSabato & Bouckenooghe's article on the US Supreme Court's decision in First American v. Edwards was published in the August 13, 2012 issue of the New Jersey Law Journal.  Click below to see the article and to learn more about the issue of Article III standing and how it relates to consumer protection laws.
Still No Need for an Injury-in-Fact

June, 2012 - DiSabato & Bouckenooghe's Five Guys gift card class action was picked up by the Huffington Post.  Click below to read the article and find out what the case was about.
Burger Chain Has To Pay For Charging Unused Gift Cards

June, 2012 - DiSabato & Bouckenooghe's gift card dormancy fee class action against Five Guys Burgers and Fries made The Star-Ledger.  Click below to read the article.
Five Guys Burgers and Fries Burned in Gift Card Lawsuit

May, 2012 - DiSabato & Bouckenooghe's settlement in the Five Guys gift card case was picked up by Yahoo! Click below to see the article.
Five Guys Gift Card Class Action Gets Approved

May, 2012 - DiSabato & Bouckenooghe's Five Guys gift card case was featured on Top Class Actions.  Click below to read more.
Five Guys Gift Card Class Action Settlement

December, 2011 - DiSabato & Bouckenooghe joins forces with Public Citizen's initiative against forced arbitration and takes aim at the Draconian fine print on Starbucks' gift cards.  There's no reason why consumers should be asked to give up their Constitutional rights just to use a coffee gift card!  Click below to find out more about the Starbucks' initiative and the pervasiveness of arbitration provisions.
November, 2011 - DiSabato & Bouckenooghe appeared as guests on News 12 New Jersey to talk about  fraudulent billing practices in the wireless industry and how consumers can protect themselves from unauthorized charges appearing on their mobile phone bills. Click below to watch the segment and please feel free to contact us if you've been targeted by cell phone "cramming."
News 12 New Jersey - Wireless Fraud Segment

October, 2011 - DiSabato & Bouckenooghe was happy to meet HBO's "Hot Coffee" documentary director, Susan Saladoff, at the NCLC conference in Chicago this year.  Susan and her team produced this must-see documentary to tell the true story behind the infamous McDonald's coffee case.  This film will open your eyes to the issue of "tort reform" and to the way big business spins the media. Take a minute to check out the trailer below.
September, 2011 - DiSabato & Bouckenooghe's win in the Harmon Stores class action was picked up by the New Jersey Law Journal. Our case was the first to allege that a retailer's collection of customer zip codes is a violation of New Jersey privacy law.  Click below to read the article and to learn more about the illegal harvesting of zip codes.
Judge Gives Green Light to Class Suit Over Zip Code Collection by Retailers

September, 2011 - DiSabato & Bouckenooghe's class action against Verizon Wireless was featured in a great piece by MSNBC reporter Bob Sullivan.  This case was one of a series filed across the Country alleging that Verizon engaged in the practice of impermissibly placing unauthorized third-party charges on customers' wireless bills, in a practice known as "cramming." Click below to check out the article and to learn more about "cramming" in the mobile phone industry.  
Pickpocketing $10 at a Time in the Wireless Industry

January, 2011 - DiSabato & Bouckenooghe's gift card dormancy fee class action against Landry's Restaurants was picked up by Class Action Lawsuits in the News.  As a result of the settlement reached in this case, Landry's, which owns such chains as Chart House and Rainforest Cafe, removed all dormancy fee and expiration provisions from its gift cards and agreed to pay other relief to affected consumers.  Click the link to read more about the Landry's case.
Landry's Restaurants Gift Card Dormancy Fee Class Action Settlement 

November, 2009 - DiSabato & Bouckenooghe was quoted in the New Jersey Herald in an informative piece on the effect of the new Federal gift card law on New Jersey consumers.  We pioneered stored value litigation in New Jersey and were successful in reforming the retail gift card industry in New Jersey.  Click below to read the Herald's article.
The Gift of Time

October, 2009 - DiSabato & Bouckenooghe's gift card dormancy fee class actions against Shell Oil, Blockbuster, AMC Theaters and National Amusements were featured in the New Jersey Herald. These cases were among the first in New Jersey to challenge the corporate practice of imposing illegal dormancy fees and expiration dates in violation of New Jersey law.  Our handling of these cases lead to the recognition of DiSabato & Bouckenooghe as experts in the field of stored value card litigation.  Check out the article below.
The Gift That Keeps On Disappearing